Dr. Asit Arora firstly, I would like to you thank you for helping us in difficult time. For me truly God saviour. Who saved me. He is one of the best surgeon. He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them. He did successful operation of duration 9 hours. After surgery everything is going well. He is God for me. We are really blessed that we meet a Dr. like Dr. Asit. He is still responding to our any queries. Again Thank you sir. Wish him all the good wishes with lots of love and happiness. Please accept my deepest Thank you.

Anuradha Sharma

My father-in-law was diagnosed with a Rectum tumor in Aug 2021 by Drs in Spinal Hospital Vasant Kunj, after treatment in Spinal and Fortis Escort, we finally met Dr. Asit Arora through Dr. Nishant Nagpal. From the day we start seeing Dr. Asit my Father-in-law is really satisfied with the way he explained all our queries, his humbleness and politeness solved half of our problems. Now we are fully cured with the help of Dr. Asit. We are really blessed that we met a doctor like Dr. Asit. May God bless you and always be a blessing to others. Thank you so much for everything.

Cing Lun

Dr. Asit Arora has been helping my father through his cancer treatment. Cancer is something that comes uninvited and no one is ever fully prepared to deal with what is going to happen. Nor the patient, nor the patient’s family. In such times, everyone needs a doctor, a professional who not only understands what the patient needs in terms of treatment but also understands what support the patient needs and especially what information and guidance the over-curious and worried family needs. The treatment was very thorough and well explained at each step. We as the family members knew what exactly was happening and what everything meant. He explained each step with its consequences and also what is to follow. His utter professionalism helped my father become cancer-free as per the timeline. I pester him with questions every now and then and despite the fact he has many other patients, he always replies to my questions with a smile. His professionalism is a benchmark that every doctor should achieve. I would highly recommend Dr. Asit for your needs and wish him all the success in his path ahead.

Pujara Nancy

Dr.Asit Arora is very knowledgeable and honest gastroenterologist and have guided us in best possible way. I would like to thank Dr. Asit for helping us in difficult times. He explained about interval appendectomy including pros and cons , risks and benefits associated with the surgery. Your timely and prompt response helped me and my family a lot. I am really thankful to Dr. Asit Arora for his kindness.

Pratibha Singh

Dr. Asit Arora is definitely one of the best Gastro Surgeons I have met. From diagnosis, and detailed explanations, and solving our queries, he is amazing. Moreover, he is “extremely cordial and humble” unlike the general opinion that successful doctors are unapproachable. I have met several GI docs till date but Dr. Asit was different. I am definitely going to recommend him to all my friends and family for GI related problems. Wishing him all the very best.

Dr Yulia Lawrence Mathias

Dr. Asit Arora is a great doctor! He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! he is an experienced surgeon, he is soo helping and soo caring. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with the outstanding quality of medical care. I would have no qualms in recommending him to family and friends.

Shailja Gupta

Hi Sir .. hope you and your family is good. Let me share my experience. My mother-in-law went through on Whipple Surgery on 5th December 2020 under Dr. Asit Arora & his team. Dr Asit Arora is excellent no doubt. He did successful operation of duration 8 hours. After surgery 2 – 3 days everything is going well. Soon my mother in law discharged.But in next day she had to re-admit to Max Hospital , saket new Delhi.Due to his excess bile juice excreation. She was bommiting everytime. But situation was not acceptable to us. she continuous releasing bile juice. Dr was also tensed. But at last she was discharged with Frekka tube and ryles tube. But we dont know when she will be able to take food by mouth. But Dr. Asit continuous support and confidence leads to actual success but it TAKES ALMOST 4 MONTHS.But i think we must tell u Dr support is beyond imagination. We would like to thank Dr Asit also his entire team for their unforgettable support. Thanks to Dr. Nikhil Agarwal. forgive me I dont remember all names of team member. Dr. Asit Arora is God to us. He is still responding to our any queries. Thank you Sir.

Biswajit Roy

I was consulting Dr Asit Arora for my father-in-law, who was detected with liver cancer. My father-in-law already had complex co-morbidity conditions of acute asthma, multiple brain stokes, and a major brain haemorrhage surgery in the past. We had already consulted 2 other doctors prior to meeting Dr Asit and none of the doctor gave us confidence, both suggested surgery but neither was comfortable doing it, considering the co-morbidity conditions. Dr Asit did a thorough profile work for surgery feasibility, which took over a month. His calm and positive attitude installed a sense of confidence and trust in my father-in-law, who was initially hesitant for any treatment. Finally, once satisfied, he performed a laparoscopic surgery. The patient had a fast recovery and was discharged only after 2 days in hospital. We are simply amazed and thrilled to see such fast recovery, and really thank Dr Asit from the bottom of our heart.

Gaurav Singh

Dr. Asit Arora is very experienced and result oriented oncology surgeon in Delhi NCR, for me is truly “God Saviour” who saved my mother. My mother was suffering from Gall Bladder Cancer, other doctors from top rated hospital refused for operation and suggested for chemotherapy first. Suddenly I come to know about Dr. Asit Arora at Max hospital saket, after reviewing all her tests and reports he suggested for surgery first and other therapy later as per requirements. Now she is absolutely fine and doing good.. Thanks alot Dr. Asit Arora for your proper guidance and treatment.. Wishing you very brighter career ahead..

Agahari Agam

Thanks to Dr. Asit Arora He is a doctor who deserves honor and underwent surgery for my friend from Yemen who had a colostomy and small intestine due to an explosion injury and had surgery at Max Hospital, thanks to all the doctors at Max Hospital

Waleed Alyafaie